The future of FinTech is here

FinTech industry has seen disruptive innovation in the past few years and will continue to do so over the next many years. At the same time, technologies to support basic business functions like Reconciliation, Compliance, Fraud and Analytics are still based on age old technologies. DataSeers solves this propblem. FinanSeer a single appliance that ingests data from multiple systems and provides a fast and secure technology to handle all the business verticals.

FinanSeer Appliance

The DataSeers appliance is a fully redundant, secure and massively parallel platform that solves an age old problem for the FinTech industry, a single system that does Reconciliation, Fraud, Compliance and Data Analytics in a massively parallel and secure architecture. The appliance ships pre-configured so there is nothing to do other than racking and stacking.

FinanSeer Cloud

With no infrastructure to worry about, the Azure cloud allows for a much faster deployment. Consider this as the FinanSeer on steroids. Size does not matter!

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Why us?

DataSeers is a vertically integrated solution for the transaction processing industry that combines 4 different business verticals (Reconciliation, Fraud, Compliance, Analytics) into a single platform.


Industry Expertise

Our Seers, are industry experts that have years of experience in the banking, payment processing and prepaid space. Not restricted to specific domains, our Seers also have expertise in various aspects of technology and analytics that makes DataSeers very unique.

Purpose-built System

The DataSeers platform is purpose built, which means, minimal customizations and short implementation times.

Cost Savings

Since the FinanSeer appliance runs on a open source HPCC Systems platform and is a single source of information for all business units, the system offers a lot of cost savings to our customers.


If you would like to know how our system could help your company, please send us an email and one of our sales representatives would get in touch with you.

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